How many removal companies are there in the uk?

There are a total of 14,184 moving companies in the UK. They are London, Manchester and Kent. With more than 40 offices across the UK, Britannia Movers International offers a range of moving and storage services. No matter where you're moving, Britannia Movers International has something for you.

Anglo Pacific has been in business for more than 30 years and claims to be the largest internal moving company in the UK. They manage more than 200,000 moves and shipments of luggage abroad a year with the help of Maersk Line. Santa Fe Relocations was originally founded in Hong Kong in 1980 and now has offices on 6 continents around the world, with its global headquarters in London and another UK office in Aberdeen. Sterling Relocations was founded in 1991 to focus on employee relocation services for global companies.

In partnership with their parent company, UniGroup, they have 1200 service centers on 6 continents. In addition, they have an impressive 9.4 out of 10 rating on Trustpilot. In 1981, Britannia was created to provide comprehensive and competitive transport services to small and medium-sized “family” moving companies in the UK, helping them to compete at the same level as large moving companies established in and around London.

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